Building Projects Up For Review

The construction projects listed on this page have been submitted to the Project Review Committee for review.  The Project Review Committee then suggests changes or makes recommendations to the full board.  Once the board approves a project it will be removed from this list.  To get more information on these projects, please click this link or copy the following address into your email program, and request a detailed description.

All documents must be completed and submitted to the GLA administrative offices at least 2 weeks prior to the next board meeting for them to be considered.  An application is not considered complete, and thus ready for processing/review, until the corners of the corner survey markers for the lot are found and flagged. The corner boundaries are required to be viewed during the on-site review process.   The flagging must be completed by the time the application is submitted.  Project Committee personnel are not expected to find the corners, and/or any easement boundaries, for the Landowners.  If the landowners are not capable of this work, the GLA has a FAQ on the website about getting local surveyors (here).


Project details will be emailed to landowners that request it at
NG 22-C Briggs shed
NG 47-C Himmelspach shed
NG 62 Smith culvert
NG 40-2 Weisman residence, septic & driveway
NG 10-D Fowle well
Useful Examples and important information
Project description
Restated Covenants
DEQ Approval