Master Plan

Dated:  March 24, 2007

Glastonbury Land Use Master Plan Ballot Tabulation

  • Total Votes of Membership Interests in Good Standing = 320 Votes as of March 30, 2007
  • Total “Yes”/Approval Votes for Land Use Master Plan = 199 Votes = 62% of possible votes
  • Total “No”/Non-Approval for Land Use Master Plan = 34.5 Votes = 10.5% of possible votes
  • 72.5% of the possible votes of “Membership Interests In Good Standing at the time” of the vote were cast in this Balloting.

Historical Note for Landowners:

Section 2.06 of the “Restated Declaration of Covenants for the Community of Glastonbury” states the long held intent for the “Adoption of a Land Use Master Plan”. This process began in 1995 in Community Building workshops, held for the specific intent of creating a vision for our Community and beginning the process of developing a Master Plan around the interests and wishes of all the owners. This process has included the involvement of hundreds of Community members’ participation for over 12 years, with thousands of dollars lovingly donated outside of regular assessments to make that vision a reality. Our covenants clearly state the intent for this community to be predominantly rural and residential, and the purpose of the Master Plan is to ensure the preservation of that ideal while accommodating healthy, responsible growth. The intent of the Master Plan is not to restrict future development, but rather to ensure that development reflects the collective vision of the owners as well as respecting and reflecting the natural beauty of our surroundings.


Developing the Master Plan has been a wonderful consensus building endeavor. A great deal of time, effort, and hard work of many people has gone into ensuring that this Plan contains what the majority of landowners have envisioned for our community. We have all come to see the varied perspectives of the many landowners we represent. It has been a unifying experience to constructively work together toward a common purpose, while attempting to encompass everyone’s input and varied needs into this document.

As this final document represents many years of deliberation and work among a large number of community members, we wish to thank everyone along this journey, who has participated from the beginning to the present. And, we thank you in advance for casting your vote for this important document. We also hope that in your careful reflection, you will be able to approve this document as the Master Plan for our Community of Glastonbury.

Documentation and Maps: