Email Votes

When the board takes an email vote, the motion and how the directors voted are recorded here (as well as in the minutes for the following month’s board meeting).  Note that Bylaw VI. J. Action by Written Consent, requires a 2/3 rds majority (8 votes) to pass.


April 2023 – 2022/2023 Email Vote Report


Dec 2018 / Jan 2019


April BOD minutes:  Passed 05/19/18
Capricorn Pavement Repair:  Passed 05/19/18
Spring Grading Contract:  Passed 05/18/18
Emergency flood repairs, Hercules:  Passed 05/03/18
One ballot per lot:  Passed 04/25/18
June election mailing:  Passed 04/24/18
Response to O’Connell Rule 60 motion:  Passed 04/07/18
Response to Parker election petition:  Passed 04/04/18
Hire new collection attorney: Passed  03/23/18
Approve Board minutes of January 8: Passed  02/24/18
Approve Richey Garage Application NG 44-A: Passed 02/20/18
Approve 2018 budget: Passed  01/26/18
Quonset Road Access January 2018: Passed  01/25/18


Hold Nov. Candidate’s Forum:  Failed  10/26/17
Revised SG voting cover letter:  Passed  10/21/17
Postpone Annual Meeting:  Passed 10/21/17
Hire Seth Cunningham:  Passed  10/12/17
Hire security guard:  Passed  10/05/17
O’Connell Protection Order:  Passed  09/21/17