Frequently Asked Questions:

GLA Dues/Assessments:

Q:  What are the current GLA dues?

A:  GLA assessments are $240.00/year for each lot and $240.00/year for each dwelling unit on a lot.  While most developed lots have a single dwelling unit, a few have two dwelling units.  Dwelling units are defined in the Covenants section 3.12.  Dues can be paid as a lump sum in January or in quarterly installments, due in January, April, July, and October.

Driveway Snow Plowing

Q: Who plows snow for driveways in Glastonbury?

A: These operators are independent of the GLA and no particular one has the GLA endorsement.
Ed Dowbrowski 220-5324
Joanna Dawson 579-1239
Mike Mullin 223-5879

Lot boundaries:

Q:  How do I find my lot boundaries/corners?

A:  You need to hire a registered surveyor as some of the existing lot markers have been found in the wrong places.  A list of registered surveyors in any Montana county can be purchased for $35 using the following procedure.

1. Select services/link
2. Select download list of licensees
3. Select licenses
4. Select professional licensees list download
5. Select land surveyors (ls)
6. Select active
7. Continue
8. Continue
9. Select Park (or other counties)
If you have questions, call (406) 841-2300, Montana Department of Labor & Industry. located in Helena, Montana.
If you are a new purchaser, it’s good to be sure of where your boundaries are.
If you are planning new construction, you will need to have your boundaries staked as part of the project review process.

A web search for Park County (Livingston) and/or Gallatin county (Bozeman) will turn up multiple offices and surveyors.

Grading and Private Road Maintenance:

Q:  Will the board recommend local businesses for road maintenance?

A:  The GLA believes that in the interest of fairness, we should not be making recommendations with respect to local businesses.  However, because some of the cost associated with road work is in getting the equipment to the job site, the idea of coordinating with the GLA’s road work is a good one.  Thus, we will attempt to publish who will be doing the spring grading on our web site prior to the start of the grading efforts.  Alternatively, if you send email to the info account in mid-April, we should be able to tell you who is doing the spring grading.

House rentals in Glastonbury:

Q:  I am interested in houses for rent in the Glastonbury area, do you have such a list.

A:  The GLA does not maintain a list of either short or long term rentals.  We suggest that you contact realtors in Livingston or Bozeman as well as search for rental houses listed on the web.

Water rights on my property:

Q:  Who owns the water right on my property?

A:  You can search online at if you know the basin code or number, or the owner’s name, or the geocode.  You can also visit the Water Rights Bureau office at 2273 Boothill Court in Bozeman.

Another useful link is a 2008 article:

which provides a good description of water rights transfers as well as some registration information.