Complaint Procedures

Complaint Procedures for Landowners

We don’t want to create the impression that we have a lot of complaints here. But with over 300 landowners and close to 1,000 people living in the Glastonbury Communities, it does happen from time to time. Before you file a complaint about your neighboring landowner we suggest you try reasoning with him or her first.

If that does not resolve the conflict try contacting your Ombudsman. We have one for North and one for South Glastonbury.

How to Lodge a Formal Complaint with the GLA Board:

The Board of the Glastonbury Landowners Association requests that landowners use the following complaint procedures.  Please remember to follow these procedures if and when you deal with a complaint or grievance involving a violation of the Glastonbury Covenants.

Please also review these procedures with renters you may have on your property.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Procedure Steps:

  • When you have a complaint or grievance concerning an issue that you believe is a violation of the Glastonbury Covenants and rules, please observe the following guidelines:

Approach Your Neighbor Politely:

  1. Calmly and gently approach your neighbor and inform them what you observe they are doing, or believe they are doing, may be in violation of the Glastonbury Covenants.
  2. Attempt to resolve the issue with the neighbor in an amicable way before proceeding in an official manner.

What if That Fails?:

  1. If you do not receive a satisfactory response or compliance within a reasonable period of time, you may complete a “Formal Complaint Form” on which you document pertinent information regarding your complaint.
  2. You may request this form by writing to the GLA (Contact Us) or click to download the Complaint Form (Updated) as a PDF (Portable Document Format).
  3. Complete and send your “Formal Complaint Form” to the GLA, Box 312, Emigrant, MT 59027.

The GLA Board’s Complain Process:

  1. The GLA Board will handle your formal complaint according to the guidelines set forth in the Glastonbury Covenants, Section 10.02, and the “Complaint Committee Protocol” adopted February 16, 1998. The Board will work on your behalf to resolve the issue and keep you informed of its actions, findings, etc.
  2. If you feel that you need assistance in presenting your complaint to the Board, you may contact the Ombudsman who represents the Glastonbury where you reside.  The Ombudsman also receives and investigates questions, concerns and complaints from residents of Glastonbury who choose to have an Ombudsman bring the matter before the Board.  The names and phone numbers of the Ombudsman for North and South Glastonbury are listed on our web site and will be changed each year after our annual elections.
  3. When you need clarification or guidance on a matter that one of our GLA Committees oversees, please contact the GLA via our “Contact Form” and reference the situation, possible board or committee chair you think can help and the GLA’s management team will properly route the contact request and get back to you in a timely manner.

Illegal, Dangerous or Irresponsible Acts:

  • When you observe an action or are a victim of an action that is in violation of Montana law (i.e., illegal activities, vandalism, violence, trespassing, theft, etc.), please observe the following guidelines:
  1. Immediately report the incident to your local law enforcement authorities. This is the responsibility of the landowner and not of the GLA.
  2. If the incident also involves a violation of the Covenants, please report it in writing to the GLA on a “Formal Complaint Form” as described above. Include a description of your contact with the local law.