New GLA Board Officers Elected

At the August 23, 2021 GLA Board Meeting Director Newman Brozovsky was removed as President. Director Charlotte Mizzi was removed as Secretary. The GLA Board then elected Director Claudette Dirkers to fill the Secretary’s position. Then the GLA Board elected Director Andrea Sedlak to fill the President’s position. Both terms began immediately.

The board also approved a motion to to postpone any future election until the court provides direction. When the court provides guidance, an annual election will be held. After the election the GLA board will hold an officer’s election.

John McAlister remains as the GLA Vice President and Treasurer.

The GLA Board also approved a motion on August 23 to establish a Drop Box account open to all directors. The Customer List, Financial Statements, invoices and other critical information needed by directors will be stored there. The director who presented the motion explained that allowing all directors access to financial information would help to bring greater transparency to the GLA Board.