PayPal Electronic Payment – USA

Please fill in the information below and select the Standard payment or Non-standard payment button. More information will then appear.
Clicking the Pay Now button at the bottom of this page will send you to PayPal to make your payment with a debit or credit card.
Standard payment: For on-time payment of quarterly or full annual assessments:

1. A table will appear showing how much the PayPal fee is for each assessment value.
2. Select “quarterly” or “annual” in the box and the amount of your payment.
3. Then click the “Pay Now” button to go to PayPal to complete your payment.

Non-standard payment:For payments that include interest and penalties, Payment Plan amounts or partial delinquent assessment payments:

1. You need to enter the payment amount and click the “Calculate” button. The PayPal fee and the total amount will appear, along with a “Pay Now” button.
2. Click “Pay Now” to complete your payment.


What is your full name?

Which lot are you paying for?
Please preface your lot number with NG or SG

Standard Payments
Non-Standard Payments